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Solid Sterling Silver Ring Tamper  - Grade .

Height: . Chamber: .
Length: . Diameter: .
Shank Diameter: .  
Price: $325.00

Solid hand made Sterling Silver! I do not make many of these as they are so time consuming but I am always pleased that I did when they are completed. They are very functional and really nice to play with when smoking a bowl and contemplating all the heavy thoughts us pipe smokers have! The tamper is my angled design and it is hand hammered of heavy gauge (over 1/8” Dia.)solid sterling silver and incorporated my angled head design that tamps the tobacco from the edge of the bowl and leaves the ash a bit higher in the center. This design works wonderful and I have had many complements on the design. These tampers work great and it is all I use in the shop! This is a nice size for carrying. Included with the tamper is a leather zippered pouch for carrying and also I will include a silver polishing cloth. This is a stock photo, these are totally hand made so the one you receive may very slightly. Hand made from solid Sterling Silver 6 gauge wire (.160 dia after working) then hammer forged for strength and rigidity, and I left the hammer marks to give it a very antique look. I let it work harden and did not anneal it so as to leave it very ridged, it will not bend under normal use. Each tamper is stamped “ROUSH” “Sterling” and USA. The length of the tamper is 3.000 not including the .500 connecting ring and the head is approximately .500 X .400. . The length of the pick is 3.000 not including the .500 diameter connecting ring. The large ring connecting the pick and the tamper is 1.150 diameter. Please remember these are hand made so dimensions will vary. Completly made of Sterling Silver.

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