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1449 Bella Cera Belge  - Grade L2

Height: 2.515 Chamber: .750
Length: 5.400 Diameter: 1.625
Shank Diameter: .800  
Price: SOLD!

If you use the PAYPAL feature you must not use your back button during the purchase or the pipe will not be marked SOLD. Please note the price before proceeding. The total price including shipping will automatically be filled out in the PAYPAL page. Please remember, if you would like this piece and it is on the 15-minute hold Email me and I will reserve it for you as soon as it comes off hold status. I have had some requests lately to make my mouthpieces a bit flatter. For some reason since I started making my mouthpieces out of Ebonite I got away from a little technique that I use to use. I once again started using that technique and collectors have noticed a big improvement so I will continue to do this. It makes for a flatter more comfortable mouthpiece. I think you will notice a big difference. A Pease designed Belge in my Bella Cera finish with a great blast. It is a wax only finish and with smoking and handling it colors up beautifully. Bella Cera means beautiful wax in Italian. This piece is rusticated then sand blasted which results in a incredibly deep, craggy, almost coral like appearance. The rustication along with the rings from blasting it truly is an interesting finish to admire. The natural finish with the Emerald Ebonite looks great. material you should really try it. It is very different and makes a striking mouthpiece without being too showy. Hand cut Ebonite mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon. Graded L2 @ $764.00 USA SHIPPING INCLUDED( L2 @750+ 14.00 S&I) Please e-mail me with any questions and thank you for looking. WHEN YOU SELECT PAYPAL FOR PAYMENT PLEASE EMAIL ME TO CONFIRM RECEIPT OF PAYMENT

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