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1192 “Cera Tinto” Freehand  - Grade L5

Height: 2.500 Chamber: 1.040
Length: 7.250 Diameter: 2.870
Shank Diameter: .700  
Price: SOLD!

NOTICE: If you use the PAYPAL feature you must not use your back button during the purchase or the pipe will not be marked SOLD. Please note the price before proceeding. The total price including shipping will automatically be filled out in the PAYPAL page. Please remember, if you would like this piece and it is on the 15-minute hold Email me and I will reserve it for you as soon as it comes off hold status. This pipe is the first piece produced with my TWENTY-year-old briar. I have been fortunate to obtain some very old wood form the son of a pipe maker who has passed away. W all know what aging wood for twenty years can do for the wood! This piece of wood blasted great and just look at the smooth top. THIS IS NOT A SMALL PIPE! The only reason I do not call it a magnum is that I believe a magnum should be a standard shape. The walls on this piece are over .900 thick! Please check out the dimensions. This piece is also in the new finish I have been developing. This brand new finish and I am very pleased with the results. While it may not look that much different, it truly is. As most of you know, the beauty of the Bella Cera finish just keeps getting better with age. I have been trying to incorporate the “Wax Only” finish with a stained piece. There were some obstacles to overcome but I finally perfected it to a very acceptable finish. Unless you made pipes yourself, you will not know the difficulty of waxing a piece of sand blasted or rusticated wood. It has it’s challenges and the is the reason I know of no one else using a wax only finish on rusticated or blasted pieces. When I say wax only, I mean no other natural sealers of finishes to make it glossy. This new finish I will call “Cera Tinto”……..Dyed Wax. The real beauty of this finish will be in the smoking and the beautiful patina it will develop over time. Another very desirable advantage about this finish is, if it ever becomes dull, a quick brushing with a household scrub brush will restore the shine in just seconds. (((I will go over the polishing process in further detail with the new owner. This piece has a coal black stain, hand cut Ebonite mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon. Hand made Sterling Silver fitment Graded L5 @ $1570.00 USA SHIPPING INCLUDED (L5@1550+ 20.00 S&I) Please e-mail me with any questions and thank you for looking. WHEN YOU SELECT PAYPAL FOR PAYMENT PLEASE EMAIL ME TO CONFIRM RECEIPT OF PAYMENT

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