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2603 Rhodesian  - Grade 8

Height: 1.575 Chamber: .750
Length: 5.100 Diameter: 2.150
Shank Diameter: .725  
Price: SOLD!

A wonderful straight Rhodesian in my black rusticated finish with antique Bakelite mouthpiece. This is a great pipe for a nice 45-60 minute smoke. I was thinking this wood could very well be 100 years old. I calculated this by the length of time I have had these blocks, the time the previous owner had the wood, which was over thirty years and the time it took to grow to the size of these blocks, I would not be afraid to say this wood started growth a hundred years ago. These blocks are huge and I can sometimes get two large pipes out of a block, probably three gp. 4 sized pieces. It takes a long time in the ground to get to this size! Delrin tennon, Bakelite mouthpiece and a “wavy” sterling silver fitment.

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