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2583 Large Rhodesian  - Grade S5

Height: 1.7 Chamber: 1.000
Length: 5.900 Diameter: 2.370
Shank Diameter: .7  
Price: SOLD!

Here is one of my larger standard Rhodesians and the twin to pipe #2582! I mentioned in the listings that this was a large piece of wood and it was large enough to get two of these Rhodesians out of the same block, which does not happen very often. This is pretty close in size as #2582 but with a different color mouthpiece. While I was making this piece I was pondering about the wood, I was thinking this wood could very well be 100 years old. I calculated this by the length of time I have had these blocks, the time the previous owner had the wood, which was over thirty years and the time it took to grow to the size of these blocks, I would not be afraid to say this wood started growth a hundred years ago. These blocks are huge and I can sometimes get two large pipes out of a block, probably three gp. 4 sized pieces. It takes a long time in the ground to get to this size! In any event this is not a small pipe, generous chamber size and still maintains nice wall thickness. Hand cut Tan Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon,hand made solid sterling silver “Rope” fitment. Thank you very much for looking and your consideration of my work.

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