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Solid Sterling Silver Desk Tamper  - Grade .

Height: . Chamber: .
Length: . Diameter: .
Shank Diameter: .  
Price: $175.00

***REVIEW*** I received the new tamper yesterday afternoon. It is a gorgeous piece of jewelry! I purchased a similar tamper from you several years ago, and I hesitated on buying a new one. However, the new tamper has more heft, and it is thicker and a bit shorter than my old one. There is definitely enough difference between the two to make me very glad that I purchased the new one. You are onto something with the new design, and it should be very successful for you if you decide to make more of these.*** This is my modified desk style tamper. It is just a bit shorter than my desk tampers in the past but not by much. It is still a great size for those larger pipes and of course it will work just as well for smaller pieces. The head size is about the same as all my angled tampers but the length is longer than my pocket tampers. This style I also made of heaver gauge solid silver. I used 4 gauge silver which started out at .204 diameter. You may notice these have more of a pronounced hammer finish. I had a friend request in the past, “really put the hammer” to one I made him and I really liked his suggestion so I did it with these as well. It is hand hammered of heavy gauge (over 3/16, .204 Dia.) Solid sterling silver and incorporated my angled head design that tamps the tobacco from the edge of the bowl and leaves the ash a bit higher in the center. This design works wonderful and I have had many complements on the design. I just spin the tamper in my fingers as I let the front part of the tamper follow the chamber walls to evenly tamp the whole bowl. I am sure you will find it to be one of the best functioning tampers you have ever used. Included with the tamper is a leather zipper pouch for carrying and also I will include a silver polishing cloth. This is a stock photo, these are totally hand made so the one you receive may very slightly. Hand made from solid Sterling then hammer forged for strength and rigidity, and I left the hammer marks to give it a very antique look. I let it work harden and did not anneal it so as to leave it very ridged, it will not bend under normal use. Each tamper is stamped “ROUSH” “Sterling”,”USA” The length is about 4 inches in length and the head is approximately .500 X .400. Please remember these are hand made so dimensions will vary. I have several available so if this is sold please write me.

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