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2488 Canted Dublin 12-15 Year Old Briar  - Grade S4

Height: 2.000 Chamber: .750
Length: 5.500 Diameter: 1.530
Shank Diameter: .570  
Price: SOLD!

I have had some requests for some smaller pieces and I am happy to be making some. This piece is carved from a piece of wood I've been aging in my shop for 12-15 years. When I came in from the shop with this piece I said to my daughter, see what Mama just bought Papa! Mama looked and said it was nice but too small. Too Small? Just right! I really like this piece and it is on the Gp. 4 range and light weight.It has a slight cant, loads of bird’s eye on the top nice colors. It has a very nice blast and comfortable in the hand and mouth. This piece is on the slim side with a smaller shank diameter than I am use to making. I took a bit extra time on the silver work and it is a nice touch. Hand cut traditional Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid Sterling Silver “Wavy” fitment. Thank you very much for looking.

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