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2472 Natural Billiard  - Grade S5

Height: 2.150 Chamber: .800
Length: 5.400 Diameter: 1.675
Shank Diameter: .700  
Price: SOLD!

Here is one of my Billiards in a natural blast. I do not get many to come out natural and I am always pleased with this finish. This is a piece a well aged wood I have had in the shop for about 15 years so it should be a wonderful performer! The blast on the piece is wonderful, craggy, sharp and full of texture.I probably smoke more naturals than any other finish. I really like the way they color over time and some I have gained such a beautiful dark patina it is hard to imagine they were once so light colored. It is a beauty no stain can match. This is a wonderful shape to hold in the hand and a very comfortable mouthpiece and it is a sitter. Hand cut Midnight Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid Sterling Silver “Hammer Textured” fitment. Thank you very much for looking.

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