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2439 Reverse Bent Rhodesian  - Grade S5

Height: 1.720 Chamber: .700
Length: 5.700 Diameter: 2.000
Shank Diameter: .800  
Price: SOLD!

Reverse bent Rhodesian! This is a combination of my Rhodesian with the shank of my bent Pot. I have not done one of these in a long time. It also came out a natural blast; something else I have not done in a while. I love this natural finish as I like to watch them color and the patina they acquire is very nice. The mouthpiece is actually three different colors subtly combined which results in a very nice overall look and a nice match to the natural finish, all in all a nice union. Hand cut Honey Red Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid Sterling Silver “Serrated” fitment. Thank you very much for looking.

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