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2296 Bent Billiard**REVIEW**  - Grade 7

Height: 2.470 Chamber: .850
Length: 5.500 Diameter: 1.700
Shank Diameter: .750  
Price: SOLD!

A very craggy bent Billiard. Feels great in the hand and with the fishtail very comfortable in the mouth. A natural Plateau top and a craggy rustication. Hand cut Emerald Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid sterling silver fitment. Thank you very much for looking. ***Customer Review*** The bent billiard arrived already today. Superb pipe. I am so glad I bought it. Your pipes always look even better in the flesh than in photographs and I always know I will be surprised and delighted when I receive them. Your description was right to mention the fishtail stem, and I think this detail really makes the design of the pipe work very beautifully. In a sense it really does create a fish tail like flow in the shape to contrast and complement the robust and roughly-textured stummel. The way the stem narrows to a surprisingly slender width, and then spreads again really gives the piece a great balance. It's kind of a masculine/feminine thing between the stummel and stem. This flow and contrast doesn't come across as clearly in the photographs because of the angle (and perhaps you have to see it in three dimensions to really get it). Great pipe. And, as always, the polish and details are immaculate. Beautiful rustication texture too. I can't think of anyone who does rustication so well. What a terrific value this pipe is! I am as delighted with this pipe as with any that I've bought, from you or anyone else. Thank you, Richard.

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