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2196 Large Apple  - Grade S5

Height: 2.300 Chamber: .900
Length: 5.900 Diameter: 2.400
Shank Diameter: .750  
Price: SOLD!

One of my Apples in a large size, this is another of my favorite shapes. There is something very pleasing about this shape, it is very appealing to the eye and also it feels so good in the hand. A nicely flowing pipe and it was a thrill to blast, one of those pieces that just kept growing in character in the cabinet. A very nice classic looking piece with an incredible blast. It is also a sitter as pictured in the top view. A joy to hold in the hand and also very comfortable in the mouth with the fishtail mouthpiece. Hand cut Ebonite mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid sterling silver “Rope” fitment. Thank you very much for looking.

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