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2081 Dublin  - Grade S4

Height: 2.275 Chamber: .750
Length: 5.000 Diameter: 1.670
Shank Diameter: .775  
Price: SOLD!

This piece is a bit different for me and I really like it! This is in my favorite color combination and it was a real pleasure to blast. When they come out like this it is always a wonderful experience to watch the pipe unfold in the cabinet. In all honesty, I do have to mention something. This piece will not sit on its own, at least at this point. I say at this point because it may very well sit when loaded or with a cake built up, it is that close. As a matter of fact it did sit before I blasted it but with the blasting process removing so much wood, after blasting it would not sit any longer on its own. It will still sit but it rocks back to lean on the mouthpiece. I am sorry it is just one of those things pipe makers have to deal with sometimes, if it doesn’t sell I will smoke it and it will not bother me a bit! Hand cut Emerald Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid sterling silver ”Hammer Textured” fitment.. Thank you very much for looking.

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