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2047 Full Bent Dublin Sitter  - Grade S3

Height: 2.650 Chamber: .770
Length: 5.3 Tall Diameter: 1.700
Shank Diameter: .750  
Price: SOLD!

Every time I make one of these I say I will keep it, this beauty is no exception. I really love this shape and I intended this piece for myself. I have other projects going on now and I decided I better offer this one for sale instead of smoking it. That could change if it is on the site too long! I developed this shape over twenty years ago for a comfortable hands free smoke while fishing. Actually, the original is pipe # 107 dated 1990. This new version is much different than my original piece, which I still smoke. My first pieces did not have a fishtail mouthpiece and were not sitters. I really love this variation and I think it really flows. This piece is great any time you want a comfortable, hands free smoke. Walking the dog, typing, reading and of course fishing. Hand cut Ebonite mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid sterling silver fitment. Thank you very much for looking.

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